Healthy Orange Chicken Soup

Looking for a new twist on a classic chicken soup recipe? Today’s Orange Chicken Soup with Indian Spices is for you!

Creamy Carrot and Chickpeas Soup with crispy Chickpeas Croutons

Creamy soup without the cream! This creamy spiced carrot soup recipe is thickened with chickpeas and topped with crispy chickpea croutons.It gives comfort with every bite.

Autumn Vegetable Linguine Soup

When it comes to fall recipes, hearty warming soups are more than perfect. And this Autumn Vegetable Linguine Soup has all the best flavors of fall, plus comforting additions of linguine(pasta) and sprinkle of cheese and crusty bread finishes things off beautifully. Its a prefect treat for your taste buds.

Kollu Rasam/ Horse gram Soup/Ulavalu Rasam

Authentic Coimbatore style kollu rasam recipe from Tamilnadu which is so comforting during a cold or cough. Horse gram also aids in weight loss.  Horse gram is loaded with vitamins and proteins and it has lots of health benefits. It have been traditionally had during winters to keep the body warm and to cure cold.Continue reading “Kollu Rasam/ Horse gram Soup/Ulavalu Rasam”

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