Honey Nut Granola bars

This Best Homemade Honey Nut Granola bars are crispy and not too sweet, packed with protein, these granola bars are naturally sweetened by dates and honey and loaded with oats, nuts, coconut, and dried fruits.

Vegetable Wheat Momos

A lip smacking steamed dumpling with whole wheat flour, simple filling of cabbage, onions and carrots makes for a great party starter, evening snack and an appetizer. Serve these momos along with spicy momo chutney.

Vazhakkai (Raw Banana) Bajji / Plantain Fritters

Vazhakkai (Raw Banana) Bajji /Plantain Fritters is one such popular crispy tea-time snack in India and its prepared by dipping the raw banana slices in spiced gram flour mixture and then deep fried to crispy.It can be relished with a cup of hot chai/ coffee and your favorite chutney!

Eggless Banana Oat Muffins

The BEST Banana Oat Muffins ever! They are so quick & easy to whip up using just 1 bowl, and are perfect for a breakfast paired with cup of milk or latte.These are made eggless with simple ingredients like flour, lots of oats, mashed bananas and other basic baking ingredients. These muffins are banan-A-mazing!

Aloo Samosa / Punjabi Samosa

Aloo samosa is one of the best samosas out there, a flaky and crispy pastry, and although only oil is used to make the pastry dough, it tastes rich and buttery. Filled with boiled potato and a blend of warm spices, this is the perfect snack when paired with cup of hot chai.

Chocolate Orange Energy Bites

Whether you’re craving something sweet or need a boost of energy to get through your day, energy bites are a great choice.And these Chocolate Orange Energy Bites are packed with full of nuts, bound with dates and flavored with orange, cacao and cinnamon! The best thing about these chocolate energy bites are same creamy, indulgent taste as a chocolate truffle, helping to satisfy your craving for something sweet and decadent—without any of the refined sugar. A perfect healthy snack for kids!

Homemade Fish Fingers / Fish Sticks / Fish Nuggets

Homemade crispy Fish Fingers is a burst of lip smacking flavors with melange of spices and that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside which makes our taste buds drool. Especially your kids gonna love this recipe!

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