Kung Pao Tofu

This Easy Kung Pao Tofu recipe is a vegan alternative to the classic Chinese Kung Pao Chicken that relish better than take-out and can be made pretty quickly at home!

Punjabi Chana Masala

unjabi Chana Masala, widely known as Chole or Indian Chickpeas Curry is one of the most popular and quintessential Indian curry. It is flavorful, wholesome and high-protein dish that appeals to both meat-lovers as well as vegans and is perfect dish for parties or get-together. This gluten-free and nutritious gravy gets its authentic Punjabi masala flavors without a store-bought spice mix, that are sure to entice your palate!

Paneer Butter Masala ( Paneer Makhani )

Restaurant Style Creamy Paneer Butter Masala! This rich and creamy dish has Indian Cottage Cheese or Paneer cubes are simmered in a mildly rich and sweet tomato cashew nut based gravy along with dollops of fresh cream. Goes so well with any Indian bread or with flavored rice!

Mutton Do Pyaza/Gosht Dopiaza

Looking for something hot,spicy and tasty Mutton gravy? Then here is the recipe of Mutton Do Pyaza (Gosht Dopiaza). It is a delicious Indian Style mutton gravy, loaded with lots of onions and melange of whole spices. One of the most popular mutton delicacies!

Mangalorean Chicken Sukka(Kori Sukka or Kori Ajadina)

Mangalorean Chicken Sukka or Kori Sukka is one of the most popular and much loved dishes from the coastal belt of Karnataka.It is a semi-dry dish made using chicken, freshly grounded masala with grated coconut and would definitely satisfy your taste buds.

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