Homemade Pizza Sauce

Looking for an easy homemade pizza sauce recipe? Here is a Homemade Pizza Sauce recipe that takes only 20 minutes to make and is packed full of flavor!

Cut Out Sugar Cookies

ooking for super simple, pretty and great recipes for this Valentine’s Day? This Homemade Valentine’s Day Cut Out Sugar Cookies are the best way to show your love this season. Give someone special a sweet delicious treat!

Paneer Butter Masala ( Paneer Makhani )

Restaurant Style Creamy Paneer Butter Masala! This rich and creamy dish has Indian Cottage Cheese or Paneer cubes are simmered in a mildly rich and sweet tomato cashew nut based gravy along with dollops of fresh cream. Goes so well with any Indian bread or with flavored rice!

Iyenger Style Puliyodaharai Paste

Iyenger Style Puliyodaharai or Temple Puliyodaharai Mix is a spice blend or paste made with tamarind extract and homemade masala powder. Spiced up with chillies and topped with loads of peanuts. A perfect stimulant when you need something spicy salty and sour. This spice mix is mixed with rice and it becomes puliyodharai. Suitable for lunch box, long journeys & picnic box.

Quick Homemade Tahini

This easy homemade tahini recipe is so quick to make, takes just TWO ingredients, is less expensive than store-bought, and tastes WAY better! This rich, flavor-packed vegan sauce is popular throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and it can elevate any meal from kabobs to falafel , sandwiches, burgers and everything in between. Perfect served as part of mezze with some warm pita and fresh veggies too!

Classic Garlic and lemon Hummus

This quick and easy Classic Garlic and Lemon Hummus takes mere minutes to make the creamiest, smoothest hummus ever! It’s made with chickpeas, fresh lemon juice, garlic, tahini, and olive oil, with cumin and salt for seasoning and is healthy, vegan, and packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Enjoy it as a snack with whole wheat pita bread or veggies, as a spread on sandwiches or a base for chicken salad!

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